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Meet My ABC Piano

Making Phonics Fun and Easy for Your Little One!

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Backed by Academics & Teachers

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Making Phonics Fun, Easy & Interactive for Your Little One!

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What Kids Will Learn

  • A Love for Literacy!
  • Sound-Letter Matching, Essential for Reading
  • Enhanced Spelling Ability
  • English Alphabet
  • Reinforced learning through Catchy songs!
  • And much more ...

Fun Keyboard!

Patent Pending Keyboard Technology to make the learning easy, responsive and fun.

Learn Phonic Words!

Boost your child’s love for literacy using this genius tool!

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Learn Phonic Animals!

Learn phonics through the names of animals.

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Learn Alphabets with Our Catchy Songs

Introducing our original educational songs, such as the ABC Song, Phonics Song, and Spelling Song.

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  • Starting Letter Game
  • Find Me Game
  • Spelling Game
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Make Learning More Engaging!

with a Companion Booklet Inside!

to facilitate further learning about Alphabet Letters, Block & Cursive Writing, Phonic Words, Animals Names, Numbers, Days & Months, Colours & Shapes, Fruits & Vegetables, Animals & Foods, Nature, Face & Body, ABC Song, Phonics Song, Spelling Song and still many more.
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Ease of Use

The ABC Piano Pad is designed for simplicity, making it easy for kids to play and learn from it. Designed to be used from an early age, as kids learn more words, they can easily transition to learning phonics words.

Safe for Children

Made with child-safe materials,
ensuring a safe learning tool for kids

Helps Children Who Struggle to Read

Struggling with reading can be frustrating for any child. The ABC Piano Pad helps by making the learning process interactive and fun. The various games focus on letter recognition and phonics basics, which are essential skills for reading. The songs reinforce what they've learned and help them remember new concepts.
  • "My ABC Piano is a delightful blend of education and fun. Its vibrant keys and interactive games make learning the alphabet a joy for my toddler!"

    Mum of 2 Daughters

  • "My ABC Piano seamlessly weaves music into education. Touch-sensitive keys and interactive games create a magical learning experience that my child loves every day!"

    Mum of 1 Son

  • "My go-to for early learning! My
    ABC Piano is more than a phonics pad; it's a gateway to exploration. Engaging games make it a mom's best friend."

    Mum of 3 Daughters

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