A Parent's Guide to Teaching Pure Phonics Sounds

A Parent's Guide to Teaching Pure Phonics Sounds

Welcome to the playful world of phonics where every letter is a key to unlocking language! Today, we're focusing on pure sounds – those crisp, clear notes that form the alphabet's music.

Pure sounds are the cornerstone of phonics. They are the undiluted, simple sounds that each letter makes, without any added 'uh' at the end. It's like plucking a single string on a guitar – you want that note to be as clear and clean as possible. When teaching these sounds to our children, clarity is key. We aim for 'ssss' instead of 'suh' and 'ffff' rather than 'fuh'. This precision helps little ones blend sounds more effectively to form words. Just think about the difference between a fuzzy radio station and one that comes through loud and clear – that's the clarity we're after with pure sounds.

Some sounds can be trickier, especially when enthusiasm gets the best of us, and we accidentally add an extra 'uh' at the end. But here's a little trick: try whispering or using a soft voice. This technique can help to eliminate those pesky extra sounds. Try these other tricks to help achieve a crisp, clear note: 

  • Exaggerate Sounds: Clearly and slowly pronounce each sound without adding extra 'uh' noises.
  • Use Visuals: Associate each sound with a corresponding letter or image to help with recognition.
  • Repetition is Key: Regularly practice sounds to reinforce learning.
  • Interactive Activities: Engage children with fun activities like sound matching games.
  • Incorporate Phonics Songs: Use songs that emphasise pure sounds for enjoyable learning.
  • Storytelling with Sounds: Create stories using words that highlight the targeted sounds.

And how can 'My ABC Piano' help? Our interactive learning pad is designed to reinforce these pure sounds. When your child presses a letter, 'My ABC Piano' produces the pure phonetic sound, supporting the correct pronunciation and aiding in their phonics journey. It's a tactile, auditory, and visual experience that cements their learning. By focusing on pure sounds with 'My ABC Piano', we set our children on a path to clear communication, ensuring they hit the right notes as they begin their reading and writing symphony.

Remember, every great composer started with learning the scales, and 'My ABC Piano' is here to make sure your child's first notes are pitch-perfect!

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