Introducing My ABC Piano: An interactive phonics toy for kids

Introducing My ABC Piano: An interactive phonics toy for kids

Hey, little explorers and curious minds! We’ve got some exciting news! Introducing our newest fun learning adventure, My ABC Piano! Ready to spark your child's learning journey, this colourful and interactive phonics tool is designed to turn learning letters and sounds into an exciting game. 

What's the My ABC Piano?

My ABC Piano is your new playmate that's going to take you on an adventure through the alphabet in the most fun way possible. My ABC Piano is a carefully crafted educational pad designed to blend fun with the foundational elements of literacy. With vibrant keys that recites letters of the alphabet, this piano introduces children to the basic building blocks of reading and spelling in a way that feels like play. 

Why we love it (and so will you!) 

  • Games Galore: With the My ABC Piano, learning is all about playing. Whether it's the “Starting Letter Game”, “ Find the Letter Game", or the “Spelling Game”, every moment is packed with fun and learning.
  • Sing Along Songs: Our piano comes with special songs like the "ABC Song," "Phonics Song," and "Spelling Song" that make memorising letters and sounds easier. 
  • Words and Animals: Not only will you learn about letters, but you'll also discover exciting words and animals. It's like going on a safari or diving into a storybook, with every press of a key.
  • Bonus Learning Booklet: A free illustrated booklet is included with each ABC Piano to enhance your learning experience.

Perfect for Tiny Learners

Designed with love for kids as young as 18 months, My ABC Piano is here to give you a head start before you even step into a classroom. It's easy to use, super interactive, and best of all, it's a lot of fun. With every touch, press, and play, you're not just learning; you're having a great time. Also, its lightweight design makes it easy for your little one to continue their learning journey no matter where they are

Let's Start the Adventure

My ABC Piano is more than just a toy; it’s a learning adventure for kids to explore the wonders of letters and sounds, while making joyful memories along the way. Ready to meet your new best friend in learning? Dive in with just a click and start the journey of letters and sounds from the comfort of your home. 

Join us, and let's make learning an unforgettable adventure with My ABC Piano!

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